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When going through a conversation in a ticket, it is always useful to visually differentiate between a ticket reply and a note. Once this Custom App is installed, the notes are highlighted in yellow.


1. Download the zip file from this page.

2. Unzip and open the .txt file

3. Copy the code from the file

4. Go to Admin->Apps->Custom Apps in you dashboard and click the new Custom Apps button

5. Give Name and Description for future reference

6. Select the text box “Show this widget in ticket view page”

7. Copy the code from the .txt file here and click the button "create and enable"


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Another approach is to just use this code in your FreshPlug:


.private-note.commentbox-gray { background: #fffab0; }

This will also highlight any notes which are displayed when you expand a long ticket.

Thanks Matthew and Vinoth - both posts were very useful.

Would be nice if Freshdesk just added this as a design option via the Admin tab.

However, the steps provided by Vinoth and shorter code from Matthew worked a treat.


This Freshplug highlights all the messages, not only the internal notes! I have copied and pasted the text as it comes with the txt file and it doesn't work. Any idea why?


I just use this code in our Freshplug and it works fine.
You can play around with the colour code. This is just one we went with. I used http://www.color-hex.com/ to choose a colour.

Hope this helps.
.private-note.commentbox-gray { background: #d3ffce; }



Hi Stuart!

Thanks for your reply.Unfortunately, all replies - no matter if they are responses to the customer or internal notes - get painted... I'd like to highlight just internal notes. It'd be a great feature...

Thanks anyway!


I've used this feature and it makes finding team notes much easier and splits the ticket up pretty well. 

My take on this:

.commentbox.commentbox-gray.private-note {
background-color: #e3ffce;

I prefer a green background for private notes just because the 'Visible to the customer: NO' control is also green.


Very Helpful Feature... Thanks Team...