How can Freshdesk tickets thread replies correctly w no Ticket # in Subject?

  • 28 June 2017
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This is not a problem, bur rather an observation...]

I note that when I open a support ticket with FreshDesk Support - the ticket number is NOT in the subject as [#12345] - it is mentioned in the body of the email, but not in the subject.

So how is FreshDesk's own support able to thread my subsequent replies to the ticket correctly??? I would like to have 'cleaner' Subject lines in my emails too!


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1 reply

Hello Keith,

For every incoming email, Freshdesk checks three email markers to understand whether the email is a reply to an already existing ticket. If the email is identified as a reply, Freshdesk performs additional requester email checks to make sure it's not a spam.

Apart from the requester checks, we have email markers check, where if a reply is sent to an email, the Message-ID of the original email will be available in the "References" section of the email, using which a reply gets threaded to the original email. 

Apart from a unique identifier set by the email provider, Freshdesk also has a unique identifier for every email notification sent. This is done using a hidden div tag in the email. As long as the tag remains intact, the email will be threaded properly. For example, if the customer uses the plaintext mode to reply, the ticket identifier will not work. 

You may also use this article for further reference.

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