How can I create a custom URL for my brand specific Support area?

  • 21 August 2012
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I am struggling with setting up a custom URL for a brand specific support area. All I get to see is "" but "" is not generated by the system. I don't want to set a cname record that forwards to "" but rather would like "" go to "".

I spent a couple of ours under admin/products and could really use some help.

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4 replies

Hi Klaus

You can only use CNAME method for Multiple Portal option. Because will not work in this model. we will never allow you to create a Freshdesk URL from an existing Freshdesk account.

Using CNAME is the only option

Or is there a way to have something like ??

Is there any other way to get directly into the custom portal than the CNAME thing?

Hi Jess

At present CNAME is the only way to get the Custom Domain Name, we will not allow the option like

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For more details on setting up CNAME, please refer to this article.