How can I insert a custom Font Type into [Agent portal default font preference] email reply?

  • 15 September 2022
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Hi, is there any way that we upload custom font type into Freshdesk? Because we want to follow our company’s font to reply the customer. but the font is not in the default list. 

2 replies

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Hello @Christina H,

Welcome to Freshworks Community. I hope you are doing well:)

Regarding your concern, Freshdesk provides various font stylings that can be used while composing messages/replies to your customers. You can navigate to Admin > General settings > Helpdesk, choose the required font in the Agent portal default font preference option and save the changes. Apart from that, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to upload custom font for Agent Portal. But you can post your ideas or feedback here where our Product team would be able to take this forward.

Feel free to drop in a note with any concerns, and we’d be happy to help:)

Happy Freshdesking!!

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Hey @Christina H ! This was a point I raised a few months ago and one I do think would be really useful to have in the future. Brands love to have their own unique identity and this would help to strengthen that! Fingers crossed it gets considered soon!