How can I take agent holiday into account

  • 14 January 2022
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Hello all,


I have today several automatic action to allocate tickets to specific agents.

Would it be possible to suspend the automatic allocations when my agent is not here (in holiday or sick) so that another agent can manage his tickets ?

I’m ready to use complex roundabouts if afterwards we only have to say « Christophe is away starting today » and « Christophe is back ».


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3 replies

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Hello @JulianeB, good day! I understand that when agents are OOO, you want the tickets to be assigned to other agents. To solutionize a workflow for this, can you give us some insights on how ticket are assigned now?


Is it via automatic ticket assignment or automation rule configured? You can find this by navigating to any ticket and viewing the ‘Show activities’ section. 


If it’s via an automation rule, you can simply add the following condition to the rule:

OOO agents 


 If the tickets are assigned by automatic ticket assignment configured under Admin > Groups, you can simply mark the agents as ‘Not available’ 

Automatic ticket assignment off

Can you share details on how ticket as assigned so that we can help you further? Looking forward to your feedback!

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Hello Keer,

I am using automation rules. Something like :

IF the customer have « a specific contract » AND the referent is « Chris » THEN I assign to  the agent « Christophe »


But I don’t see the « Check agent status » button in my automation rules (and I don’t see any « Out of Office » option on my agents). Is this available only in certain plans ? I currently use Blossom.

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Ah, @JulianeB. Yes, it’s available only from Estate plan