How can refuse mail from non customer to avoid spam

I want to use your tool but only for registered customer. Is there a way to do this ?

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Hi Frederic

You could do the following.

  1. Remove all Signups/Login for non-paying users, i.e. you could send the activation emails manually.

  2. Implement SSO with your website/App and Freshdesk, so users from your App are authenticated into Freshdesk.

  3. Create a Dispatch'r rule with COMPANY or FROM Email filter and mark all other Tickets as SPAM or Delete them

Hope this helps

Let me know if you need more details on these.

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Hello Vijay. We are interested in your third solution, i.e. creating a Dispatcher rule to filter out emails from domain names not defined in Companies. Could you elaborate on how we coud do that?


Hello Michel,

I've created a dispatch'r rule with this:


Match ALL of the below

Source Is Email

Company Name Is not "Company"

To Email Is ""


Delete the ticket

Send Email to Requester (if you want)

Subject: Your ticket is deleted

Body: Hello, You're not a customer of {{ticket.portal_name}}. So you can't post a ticket to support team. Regards, Support Team

Hope this can help, it seems to be working till now.



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Hello Frederic,

Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I am not sure how to define "Company", do you list all the companies in your Companies database? Like do you need to add one statement for each of them?

Best regards,


I don't know if it is the good way but I have created one rule by Company



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Hello again Frederic,

That's what I was afraid of, i.e. one rule for each Company name... We have over 80 customers and growing, this means we would need to make sure we enter a new rule for each new Customer... This complicates things as far as processes are concerned.

Thanks a lot for your help, I will give it a thought. However, I believe a better solution would be a rule that would work something as follows:

From Domain Name is not found in Companies Database

I will ask for a new feature, one is allowed to dream ;-)

Again, thanks for taking the time!

Best regards,


I had to create one rule per company cause I have one support email by company, perhaps if you have only one support email you can do just one rule.



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I meant "conditions" not "rules", sorry. We only have one support Email but I understand I would have to set a Company Name is not "Company Name" condition for each Company, right? 


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Hey Michel,

We've introduced custom fields for contacts and companies now. 

With this, you can have a flag field on companies like "Registered User" with values Yes or No. 

Now, on dispatch'r you can check if the incoming ticket is from a user who has the value set to yes and if found otherwise, go ahead and delete the ticket. 

The custom fields can be created from Admin>>Customer Fields and you can use this on the Dispatch'r rule. 

You will have to assign the custom field value for the companies manually for the time being though. 

Do you think this would be a better solution, Michel?


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Hello Anna,

Thanks for your reply. I just noticed, recently, that you have added new conditions that we can case on, like contact fields and company fields, including custom fields. That's an excellent addition! Your solution would work and I will juggle with the idea.

Again, thanks a lot!