How do I control spam?

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Hi AJ,

I've created a support ticket for this request and will inform you as soon as it is enabled.


Hi Aravind,

Good to hear you guys are tackling the SPAM issue. We receive currently more SPAM messages than real requests (around 20-30 per day) and would be happy to join the beta program too. Please let me know if you need more beta testers.

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Thanks for your interest,Robin. One of our support agents will get in touch with you shortly.


To help combat spam, can you please add a Domain Blocker?

Example, we have been getting thousands of mails from and if there was a domain blocker it would be great.

So can just add to the blocker and we will never get another mail from or whatever.

Please include me on any updates about the spam filters you have in beta. Thanks

Any updates to this?  Is there a CAPTCHA feature we can enable when people entering tickets?  We get ALOT of automates spam tickets all the time!

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@Support: In case if you'd like to explore more about this option , please write to and one of our support heroes will assist you accordingly.

@Joy : I'll connect with your account manager on this and take the discussion forward.

@Abalto: Yes, you can enable the CAPTCHA option under Admin -> Portals -> Settings section and select the option "ENABLE CAPTCHA to avoid SPAM"


The Captcha option does not work for us because these are coming in through email. 

We are getting 200+ emails per day from email addresses that are all Spam. They are clogging our dashboards so our Agents can't see current activity - it's making it very difficult to work efficiently. We really need a domain blocker or some better way to manage the Dashboard. We don't mind using a dispatcher rule to send all of these to the spam box, but we need a way to remove them from the dashboard.

We have the same problem, a lot of mails from @qq or others china localization...

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We can blacklist certain domains like so that they aren't allowed to create tickets in your helpdesk. Please shoot an email to support(at)freshdesk(dot)com for enabling the blacklist.

@ITMODE: I've created a support ticket for you. One of our support heroes will get in touch with you shortly.


Hello Aravind

Lately we experience an increase of spam, marking them as such and blocking the sender is not helping much.
Could you please check it out?

Hi guys!

Any news about your new awesome super spam algorithm? In last few weeks amount of spam tickets increased dramatically - my day begins from crusade agains dozens of viagra pills and other wired promotional spam in our tickets list. I love Freshdesk but spam is something what seriously harms your solution.

Best regards,


We have started to receive 1000s of spam emails over the last week.  We have created a Dispatch'r rule to deal with them once we have discovered them, but they keep changing and continue to fill up our ticket queues.  When will the inbound email be filtered for spam before allowing tickets to be created?  Implementing a cloud system like Proofpoint would help magnitudes.

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@Brian Yes the spam filtering can help to weed out tickets from a few domains like Is this something that you'd like to explore?


Yes.  Is this different than the "Spam" button in the ticket interface?  I have been clicking "Spam" once tickets are created to remove them from the queue, but this is not dealing with them before they are tickets.

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Yes, Brian. We can avoid ticket creation for a few domains like "". Would you be able to help us with the information on the private ticket that I've created for you?


We're having similar issues ... need to find a way to filter out spam messages before they become tickets ... and it needs to be *automatic* ... honestly, in 2018, expecting users to manually create simple rules like "if subject contains ... move to spam" is just dumb.  Spam filtering has become an artform, Google and similar do it *very* well ... lots of other companies also do it with extreme accuracy, based on seeing many thousands of emails from many accounts and building spam scores from a range of factors.  

I really can't understand how what is supposed to be a market-leading support solution, does not have a built-in spam filter.

We received almost 1000 spam tickets this morning, all within a few seconds of the same time, around 5:30am.  They all consist of 2 or 3 lines of Russian characters, but they are all different content from different email addresses.  It was a nightmare today to mark them all as spam.  Luckily, the rapid fire arrival and non-business-hours time prevented valid tickets from being interwoven with spam tickets.  If they did this same thing more slowly in the middle of the day it would have been even worse.  And this was BAD.

This alone is reason to consider handling tickets some other way.  The productivity loss and manpower required to sift through spam is very expensive.

We'd also love to see Freshworks implement better anti-spam control systems (Barracuda anti-spam comes to mind). The pictures that spammers attach to some of the "friendship" emails, and non-adequate spam control for emails sent to our Freshdesk is giving our larger team who receives all of these pause as well and considering other options.

Unfortunately it seems that Freshdesk is not willing to do any standard Spam checking/filtering. Considering how many standard solutions are out there, both open source and commercial, this is disappointing. We just got 2000+ blatant spam emails into our system in a matter of hours. They were in a different language, blatant spam, and from blacklisted domains. Using even something like Spam Assassin would have caught and blocked this. Considering many of your competitors have systems in place that would have caught this, it has come time for us to look in one of those directions and bite the bullet now versus later. This thread is 5 years old and nothing serious has been put in place, yet you found time to pretty up the site.

It certainly seems that freshdesk is not responding as needed. Alternative ticket systems is not something I’ve investigated recently, but I am beginning to look into it now. If anyone is ahead of me, dropping a couple of company names here would be great. If anything will light a fire under freshdesk, that would be it.

We are experiencing a similar problem. Each day for the past week, we receive anywhere between a few hundred to thousands of blatant Russian spam messages. They hit us between midnight and 6am, and it's become a real nuisance. I've been communicating with FreshDesk support through their little chat popup, and while they're quick to respond and always sign off with "My pleasure! Have a great day!" (not appropriate tone for a frustrated customer), the advice has seemed somewhat half-baked.

For starters, since the spam tickets are being generated by emailing our old default FreshDesk support email (we've since changed the address to try to mitigate this) they suggest a Dispach'r rule that will mark any emails received to that account as SPAM. Fair enough. If you decide to go this route, don't forget that Dispach'r rules are executed in sequential order! If this rule isn't at the top of the list, it'll likely be ineffective. I just learned that lesson the hard way. My fault though.

Secondly, they claimed to have now "activated" their spam filtering feature on our account. However, they also tell me there is no way to interact with this feature. They they activated it yesterday, and since then we've been blasted with 5000+ spam emails. So from a customer's perspective it's not intuitive. They tell me that the system needs to first analyze the pattern of incoming messages, and based on that, it would start working. So that still requires spam to arrive, be marked as 'spam', and supposedly the filtering system would start to work. Theoretically, the Dispach'r rule would automate this so we wouldn't wake up to this soul crushing pile of spam each morning. We're still in the thick of it, so we'll see. BTW, why does is something as important as spam filtering have to be manually turned on at our request? Shouldn't it be a standard feature?

We're frustrated with this and are also arriving at the point where we're going to start considering other options.

We are having the Same issue, please advice on how to Fix this Spam issue.  Now we're at 34,000+ SPAM tickets and our existing client tickets are buried in MUCK.

Filtering out by domain will help, but will not solve all the SPAM.  Some are,, and we can't get rid of Gmail or


I just installed freshdesk before project released, and I already have 6000+ spam messages. WTF