How do I control spam?

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Spam has always been a problem and is getting really bad. I've had to create filters in my Gmail/Google apps to prevent tickets from Freshdesk from going into the Spam folder automatically, or else real tickets go there too. So now I get all the spam in my inbox and within the Freshdesk web interface. The mobile app is not able to delete and flag spam tickets either.
Hi Anna, You really need spam checking for emails that come into Freshdesk and create tickets as there is extra work sifting through spam.
We're trialling the solution at the moment and have moved emails from gmail to Freshdesk and now we are getting a lot of spam that used to be blocked by gmail.
I think forwarding from the cpanel account means any account level filtering done at the Cpanel level and also gmail level is now bypassed.
Should be easy to set something up.

In the meantime, I'm considering a selective forward from gmail which may help the problem. This suggestion may help others.




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We have released a SPAM filtering feature to monitor the posts and replies that are made on the Forums.

Please refer to -

We are also working on how to limit SPAM that come in as tickets too. For now, please try enabling captcha from Admin>>Customer Portal. 

Once we make more advances on this, I will keep you posted.


+1 for spam controls. Something as basic as SpamAssassin would be great.


I do not get a large volume of spam but do not have a large user pool currently, so about 45% of the posts I have had so far have been spam so it is awful. I am surprised that there is no real spam control in place on posting...

We are also receiving a fair amount of blatant spam via portal (8 this morning), it would seem that even a basic filter would be able to block these messages