How do I control spam?

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We've been a customer for 6 years now, and while spam has always been a problem, we're getting thousands of spam tickets a day in our dashboard. Like everyone here has stated, this makes the product unusable, and it's crazy that a company that sells help desk software isn't actually you know, good at responding to customer issues like this one.

The spam is coming via email, not the customer portal, forums, social media, etc. Probably going to switch to a dedicated (free) gmail account and give our agents access to that...

We are having the same issue. It appears that Freshdesk are not willing to address this. We are going to begin looking elsewhere for a company willing to address issues like this.

Update: We cancelled our account and moved everything to a dedicated Gmail address. 

I am in the same boat as everyone else, just mounds of spam, and as I am on one of the middle tier plans I am unable to do any of the other recommended solutions in other posts and have just had to set it to automatically bin off tickets past a certain date that are open with russian characters, but its thousands and every day it keeps happening. It is making the system unusable and as mentioned this is a paid for service that has had this problem over 6 years and it keeps getting worse.

As much as I would rather stay with freshdesk, if its gonna waste 30 mins each day trying to prune new spam im just gonna have to call it a day and go elsewhere which is more of a faff, I would love to stay, just make the spam go away... or unfortunately I imagine a lot of us will be going instead :(

Hello everyone,

My apologies for the issue with the spam tickets. We're working on a solution to help everyone who has been affected by it. Here is a community post about spam tickets that we're constantly monitoring - you can let us know more about the issue that you're facing.

Recently, we rolled out some new checks to prevent the creation of spam tickets. These new checks are enabled by default for all new accounts and on request for our existing customers. You can either reach out to or confirm in the community thread (that you want to try it out) and our team will reach out to you.

Understandably, everyone who replied to this thread would want to resolve the spam issue. However, the fix that we provide might impact certain workflows. Since each team works differently, we’d like to talk you through how the filter works before enabling it. This is just to ensure that there is no significant impact on how you work.

Hope this was helpful :)


We implemented the automation so that if it contained any Cyrillic characters the ticket would be delete. However recently this has stopped working. Over the weekend we got three Russian language tickets come through. 

Is there a reason that this should have stopped working?

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Hello David!

Ideally an automation would work if all the conditions set up in the rule match with the ticket.

We could see that this was resolved for you on the ticket that you had raised with us. Feel free to drop an email to for any further queries in the future.

Happy to assist you, anytime. Cheers!