How do I create tickets automatically from any email?

  • 9 December 2022
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This is the most basic question I think. How do I configure emails/replies to be sent to who ever sent an email? right now people are sending emails but there are not getting replies with the ticket number.


3 replies

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Hi @barbq,


This is done in Workflows > Email Notifications. Under ‘Requester Notifications’ Edit and activate ‘New Ticket Created’ 


You can use placeholders to add the Ticket Number to the reply. 

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Hi @barbq 

You can also suppress the canned notifications and set up custom responses based on the sender or the contents of the subject or description.

We send a lot of outbound emails so I have turned off the New Ticket Creation email notification.  Instead, I use a Supervisor Rule that runs hourly to send out an acknowledgment email for inbound emails.


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Hi @barbq 


Greetings from Freshworks community! 


I suppose your query is to send an Automatic Email to the Requestor who sends an Email to your support team. 


You can achieve this through the following:


1: Email Notifications: 

2: Automations: 


For the Ticket ID to be added in the automated response, you can add this placeholder- {{}} in the content of the email being sent. 

Dynamic placeholders available in Freshdesk: 


I hope this helps!