How do you creation complex or highly-formatted Articles??

  • 30 December 2018
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I tried pasting a document I created using Word and it gave the Articles HTML editor fits.  I am not surprised because Word carries with it all manner of non-standard HTML tags.  I had the same issue with another Service Desk solution.

My question to this august body is regarding your preference for authoring content that may be lengthy, complex or maybe highly formatted:

  • Do you bite the bullet and simply author the content using the Article's HTML editor,
  • Do you rely on a generic WYSIWYG HTML editor such as Komposer and then past the content into FreshDesk, or
  • Do you take another approach altogether?
Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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2 replies

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One answer to start you off (hope others follow):

I normally start with the standard editor, and then swap to the article's HTML editor for specific bits. But then our articles are not that complex.

I can see no other way for example to create an
ordered list within an unordered list. I have noticed in the past that I
could not get all HTML codes to work, but can't remember specific

Thanks Mark.  I appreciate the feedback.