How to add custom fields to Customer records

  • 9 January 2014
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Hey everybody,

My question is pretty simple. All I want to do is add new / required fields to Customer records, the same way that FD allows you to add custom fields to Tickets. We run a helpdesk for customers using financial analysis software, and we need a field for their Accounting Software for each Customer or each Company.

Is there a way to do this within Freshdesk or does this comprise a feature request?


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4 replies

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Hey Ian, 

Thank you for posting on our Forums. 

This sure is one of the Feature Requests that is on our roadmap. 

Once we arrive at a concrete ETA, I will run you an update!



Hi - I would also be interested to know when this feature is available - it's a primary function that our business would use.  



Actually, this is also needed at the agent level. For example, I want to add a a custom field ID to use to store our active director users ID so that I can auto login users from our website. The system here uses email as user id. Our active director uses user name. If I had a field to store that value at the user/agent level, I would not have to query AD for that info...

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We've now rolled out the Custom Field for Contacts and Companies. Please read more about it here - 

Sorry for the delay in getting this out. Please do feel free to pass on your feedback.