How to automatically modify contact when someone transfer a mail to the support

  • 14 January 2022
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I forward my emails from my gmail to Freshdesk and today Freshdesk can detect the previous sender and link it to the correct contact and it’s great.

My issue is that often, the sender is our salesman who forwards a customer email to us. The contact is then the salesman and I have to manually edit it to set the customer as contact.


Is there a way to automatically send the previous sender as contact, maybe by selecting the list of salesmen contact ?

1 reply

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I add that I have another similar need : I receive automatic message from my 3CX when we miss calls, with the phone number in it.

I have to manually change the contact to know who called.

We can’t yet link directly 3CX to Freshdesk as 3CX is currently linked to our custom CRM.

So I would like to do something similar : IF it is an email from my 3CX AND the email starts with a phone number AND the phone number exists in my contact list THEN change the contact to the one with the phone number.