How to avoid shortcuts completely

I am using the Mint version of FreshDesk in a Firefox browser.

I am not sure what has changed recently, but the shortcuts have suddenly become annoying.  I am aware I can switch these of in the user profile, but then they automatically get turned back on again.

If for instance I deselect Keyboard shortcuts (so it is grayed [greyed] out and then type a / b / c the shortcuts are switched on, I get pop-up windows etc.

I noticed earlier (before switching them off) that typing an n in a reply was sufficient to open a new note. Most frustrating if I am not continually looking at the screen.

So how can I switch them off, so I can forget about them?

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Hello Mark,

The keyboard shortcuts should remain disabled in case if you had them turned off. Can you please try this on the old interface and see if this occurs only on the MINT interface?

Also, apart from the keyboard shortcuts, we've recently introduced quick actions on ticket reply which allows you to quickly search for canned responses/articles and insert them into the reply. 

Typing in /c opens up canned responses and /s opens up the solution articles search box.


Hi Aravind,
The new shortcuts are my main problem. As soon as I type a slash I get a pop-up screen to choose between /c and /s. I have no real problem with the combination /c or /s, but now as soon as I type a / (slash) I get this popup and have a work-around to actually get a slash in the reply. So how do I switch this frustrating "feature" off????
The workaround is to enter a slash as first character on a new line followed by few spaces, and then include this in the reply by adding text in front of it, or removing the end of the previous line.

In the old interface I cannot see how to switch shortcuts off or on. I don't have any issues there.
In Mint the shortcuts are sometimes changed from disabled to enabled. I cannot really find a consistent cause. I thought it was the slash, but cannot always get this to repeat.


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Sorry,Mark. At this moment, we don't have an option to turn off the feature for a specific account. We will soon work on a viable solution where it doesn't impact your normal workflow -  enabling the popup box only when you type in /c or /s could be an option.

I'll keep you posted!


Yes, I would be happy with the /c or /s option. Just using one keystroke will always mean that this character is no longer available for normal use.


Is there any solution to this yet?

How do you enter a slash by itself as text, esp if I want to add a url for example.

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Hello @Jan

We're working on an enhancement that would let users to quickly tab out of the quick actions widget. I'll keep the thread updated with any further updates.


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With our latest release, we've made some improvements and also an option to exit quick actions by hitting on the 'Esc' key. This will make it easier for you to type just slash when you're responding to your customers.


same annoying thing here. writing " / " pops up window with "/c" to insert something.

want option for deactivating shortcuts.

+1 here!

It would be really nice having an option to disable shortcuts completely.. 

I've found the option to disable shortcuts per profile:

You have to clic on your profile image (top right corner) and there you will find the option to disable shortcuts :)

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Apologies for the delay in getting back. As @Santiagomentioned, you can disable keyboard shortcuts in your portal by clicking on the agent profile picture icon on the top right corner of your helpdesk and using the toggle for Keyboard Shortcuts.


Cheers. :)

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That is way easier



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Yes, @geebranz. :)

You can disable keyboard shortcuts if you wish to not use the samein your helpdesk!



Freshdesk Community Team

The keyboard shortcuts are really helpful because it make the typing easy and simple. we've made some improvements and also an options to exit quick actions by hitting on the 'Esc' key. 

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Thanks for sharing your insights, @Muzammal !