How to change default font and size

  • 23 May 2021
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Hi All

My site


That, I need change default font and normal size - Could you help me how to do it?

Thanks in advance

Truong Dai


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Hello Truong,


For your requirement with font style and size, are you trying to change this in your customer portal solution articles or in the agent portal where your agents handle tickets?

In the latter case, you can navigate to Admin > General settings > Helpdesk, choose the required font in the Agent portal default font preference option and save the changes. You can also provide the ability for agents to choose the font styling by toggling on the ‘Font preference for agents’ option.



Kindly elaborate more on your requirements if you are trying to achieve this in your customer portal. 


Thank you,

Freshdesk Community Team


change game relate specific article in theme size and founts any time in this way ?

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Hello @sipra,


You can change the solution articles font style and size based on your business requirements. Please use the highlighted icons (as in the screenshot) to do the necessary under Solutions > Specific article. 




Freshdesk Community Team

I also want to change the default font and size permanently in theme

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Hello David,

By theme, are you referring to the customer portal theme? It would be great if you can elaborate more on your business requirements regarding font style/size change to help you accordingly. 


Thank you,

Freshdesk Community Team