How to clear prefilled fields in the Freshdesk Widget when the widget is clicked

  • 15 December 2022
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One BUTTON on my page, to raise a support request, prefills fields like subject and description (FreshworksWidget('prefill', 'ticketForm', )). So, if a user clicks that button I open the widget and it shows the prefilled fields.

If the user decides to close the widget without submitting the support request, then every time they open the widget on that page by clicking the bottom right WIDGET ICON, they will have the prefilled fields. Even though they are no longer clicking on the button where the prefilled details are relevant.

Is there any way I can say that, if the bottom right widget icon is clicked, clear any prefilled fields (FreshworksWidget('clear', 'ticketForm', {});)?

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Hi @Charlbury 

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We support a separate widget API through which you can hide the fields on the whole. If not, as you mentioned, you can clear out the content using a clear-form API. Refer to the below widget API documentation for more information. I have quoted specific sub-links that talk more about your use case.

Hide Fields API
Clear Form API

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