How to close frame within frame

  • 21 November 2018
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When using Mint I sometimes get the normal windows within the normal window. I think this happens mostly when editing properties of KB articles.

Does anyone know how to close the second window to return to the normal screen.

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5 replies

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Picture seems to have disappeared. See attachment. 


Same issue here. I'm having trouble when trying to close the second window to return to the normal screen.


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I have found that if you click on the first screen the second one disappears (hidden behind the first??). What happens to the second screen is not clear. 

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@Mark@Jim I tried editing an article multiple times and kept switching back and forth between pages but couldn't recreate this scenario. I remember seeing them appear vaguely before. These pages are loaded via an iframe and that might be the reason why at times, multiple windows popup, instead of one. Did you try doing a hard refresh of the browser window when these appear?


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Try clicking on the link in properties to remove the article from the portal. Then it probably occurs.

But yes, when I refresh the browser it does disappear.