How to duplicate articles in Knowlegebase

  • 20 March 2019
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We have a whole series of articles in a folder. Now I want to create a duplicate of those articles, and move the duplicates to another folder.

The reason for this, as there are small changes between the original and second folder which need to made. And it's much easier to edit based on existing articles, rather than needing write the articles from nothing.

Is there any way to achieve this? I don't see a way to select multiple articles and duplicate them?



7 replies


I need this too please.

We would use this feature for the following reasons:

1) Create template formatted pages for our articles that could then just be duplicated and edited so all our articles look the same

2) Have documents that would work as blank forms for us to complete with a client and then save to their personal solution category


Totally agreed, the only way to easily to do this is to go into the HTML editor of your article - Select All, Copy & Paste. Not very efficient.

We personally use a lot the HTML editor a lot in order to use Bootstrap and HTML elements in all of our articles so lack of a copy button is a royal pain. I've had to make templates in notepad++ for small, medium and large articles that our content creators take as a starting point.

I don't think there's anything in FreshDesk to relive your issue Jacov but for sure there are others wanting this functionality too (y)

Hello All,

We're all ears! 

This is indeed a thoughtful suggestion. Happy to take it up as a feature request and we'll explore the feasibilities for the same. 


Has there been any progress on this front? I need to essentially duplicate an entire portal and make slight changes to it for a new product group. Obviously, I don’t see a frontend capability to duplicate portal/category/article and save_as new, but is there a way someone (Freshdesk magician) could manually do this for me? It would be much easier/faster than copy/paste the entire portal.

Thank you for any help!



Hi @bradrulz 


We wouldn’t want to have you wait for a long time. But the product team is still working on bringing this feature. There are several testing and automation that need to be done before this feature is set live. Considering all this, please do follow our product updates page to know about the latest enhancements on Freshdesk from our end.


Thanks for your understanding. 

Hello, just wanted to follow up to see if the duplicate articles/portal feature is live yet. Thanks!

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Hi All,

I understand how the article duplication feature will be a great add-on to improving the current operations. Since this is a rising need, we will have your request looked into and do the necessary to push our product team to prioritize this as a required feature. 

Please stay tuned for further updates from our end on this; We will keep you posted on developments and upcoming releases.