How to get customer phone and address on the customer portal form ?

  • 20 December 2022
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When a customer submits a ticket via the Customer Portal Form, then for us it is necessary to get his/her phone number and address.


Fundamentally the phone and address data are part of the Contact record.

Therefore I do not want to create additional custom fields for them, because they would be duplicated this way.


What is the best way to collect such data via the Customer Portal Form, even if the data will not be populated with the built-in contact fields used for the same purpose.


Thank you for your suggestions!

4 replies

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An addition to my initial question:

My question is also related to the Feedback Widget that can be embedded in a website, for example a Wordpress site. I would like to know how to receive phone and address data via the widget from the customer when he/she fills in the widget fields to submit a ticket.
What additional fields am I supposed to configure and how ?

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Hi @Gabor,


Welcome to the Freshworks Community :)


The best approach for your use-case would be to create two custom ticket fields by navigating to Admin-->Ticket fields.


  1. Multi-line text field. (Address)
  2. Number field. (Phone number)

Please have a look at this solution article to get more context on the ticket fields -


While creating the ticket fields, under ‘Behavior of customers’ you could tick all the three option as shown (To make sure they fill in this information mandatorily while submitting tickets through the portal) -



Feel free to drop a note here incase of further queries :)

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Hi @raghul0101,


Thank you for your suggestion.

Unfortunately it is not the solution for my question.

As I outlined in my initial query, I do not want to create additional custom fields for the phone no. and the address of the requester, because they would show up in Ticket data, among other Ticket fields. In my opinion these kind of information belong to the Contact data, not the Ticket data.

I too am after a method of capturing the requester’s phone number when they log a ticket on the portal - I wouldn’t mind creating a custom field if I could specify it to draw from and update the requester phone number, but I would prefer to use the native phone number field on the portal page if possible!