How to have an hyperlink under a catérogy?

  • 10 February 2022
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I want to have a sort of button in my home page.

when I create a new category, i have a new button, that link to the list of topic of the category.


Can I creat a category with no topics, and just a link to anotehr website?



1 reply

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Hello Judum,


Welcome to Freshworks Community :)


Portal Customization can be extensively used to achieve such use cases. However, you will have to loop in your web development team to trill down the codes within Freshdesk and make the changes( See: You can customize the portal within Admin>Portal>Customize Portal to add a hyperlink for the exact button for which you want to link it. In case, the button from the solution articles is a hassle, you can customize the portal to simply have a button which redirects you to another website :) 


Hope this helps, feel free to drop a note to discuss this further.