How to manage GDPR requests in helpdesk

  • 5 August 2018
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I'm starting to build freshGDPR that allows you to manage GDPR requests in your helpdesk.

You can receive GDPR requests in your helpdesk and freshGDPR Freshdesk app will email data to requester securely automatically.

freshGDPR Freshdesk app has been submitted for review last week.

freshGDPR already has BankID for requester identity verification. (Swedish only). It also has SMS for identity verification.

Once the report has been uploaded in helpdesk by the agent, requester user will receive an email with secure hash URL. User will have to confirm his or her identity to be able to download the document.

I'm early on in the process, and looking for lots of feedback from potential users. Would you be interested?

How freshGDPR works from freshGDPR on Vimeo.

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