How to resize the iFrame modal programmatically.

  • 21 October 2021
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We are in process of integrating our calling widget within Freshdesk using an iFrame. So, is there any way we can resize that iFrame modal as per our requirement.

2 replies

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Just stumbled upon this entry (looking for something else). Is this what you are looking for:

in app.js in:

function start() {
  app.initialized().then(function getClientObj(_client) {
    client = _client;
    client.instance.resize({height: "60px"});

Hi @suraj.joshi  

As per my understanding, 

These steps will make an iframe resizable:

  1. Create a div for resizing. eg: <div class="resizable"></div>
  2. Apply the style tag for style of div.
  3. Include jQuery & jQuery UI 
  4. Execute Resizable .