How to unmerge ticket

  • 2 July 2022
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Hi all,


Please guide me how we can unmerge the ticket in Fresh desk.




Best answer by Juliana Rozario 6 July 2022, 00:13

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The method we use is to re-open the closed ticket and delete all of the Notes added by the Merge. It then appears as 2 open tickets.

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Hello @Mohit91,

Welcome to Freshworks Community. I hope you are well:)

Unfortunately, we wouldn't be able to unmerge the tickets as it's an irreversible process. Once you merge the tickets, the replies/notes would be added to the Primary ticket and I'm afraid you won't be able to split them. 

Feel free to ping us for any queries/concerns. We'd be happy to help.

Happy Freshdesking:)