IE 11 textarea and buttons not rendered correctly


One of our customer faced a problem with the textarea in IE 11 which is just a single line of text instead a textarea. Also the buttons for "submit" and "cancel"

Is this new with the mint version and by when can this be resolved?

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Hello Marco,

I tested this behaviour on Windows 8/IE11 and it seem to work fine for me. Can you please check with the client and help us with the OS/browser version so that we can try replicating the instance locally?

Also, the multi-line text might seem like a single line field but as and when the customer starts typing in content, a scroll bar appears, allowing them to send multi-lines of text.



Our customers are experiencing the same and I have tested it om Windows 10/IE11. Looks like this.

 I got the following answer from the support chat but we can't use Freshdesk if you doesn't support IE11.


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I confirmed Marco's observation as well.  Had two cllents who user IE 11 report this.  I was able to replicate also.  No issues on chrome or firefox

I refer to the disappearance of the reply/cancel buttons

Have two customers reporting this issue using Chrome.

Note from our customer: " I can type "words" but I cannot complete a "line return" or "paste" a screenshot.  So I can only type one big long line of words. "

I agree with Marcus.

And, while it does not currently work with IE11 it needs to be made to work, and probably reasonably quickly, please.

Although I do blame Microsoft for once again changing things, forcing users to upgrade IE when they do OS upgrades, and not ensuring backwards compatibility.

This is the bain of any software provider's life, but at the end of the day it is the customers that count.

Personally, like Freshdesk, we do not recommend IE11 to any of our users because of the apparent lack of consideration for existing customers of IE and providers of software like ourselves.

But that doesn't mean that we stop trying to make it work where we can.

Just because we don't certify it, we will always support our paying customers.

Can this issue please be added to the list and considered for a fix?


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Looks like we've been receiving quite a few reports about the issues with the portal options on IE11. The team has acknowledged it as a bug and it will be fixed on priority. I'll update the timelines as soon as we pick this bug fix for the development sprints.


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We've fixed the issue with the reply editor on IE11. Post the fix, we're expecting the user replies to go through as expected.