IE10 Fields is cut

  • 29 April 2013
  • 4 replies

When typing using IE10 on Windows 7 64-bit, the characters are cut in half. Notice the P and the Y; the full height of the character cannot be seen 

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4 replies


Sorry for the trouble.

Yes, IE 10 has some issues, which we will be fixing in a few weeks time, although not an exact ETA



I am also having a problem with this

please check the screenshot to see the bug.

I hope this will get fixed for we are on live already.



Having a lot of issues with Freshdesk on IE10.  Some things just plain don't load, like recent activity on the dashboard.  Other menu items on tickets don't load either.  What is the ETA on Freshdesk working properly with IE10.  Most our Techs carry around Surface tablets and it is making it very difficult to use our support desk.


Last weekend we had a fix for IE 10 where Filters and Ticket fields should come up fine.

As for Surface Tab, we still don't have an exact ETA for the fix.