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  • 21 October 2021
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When we create emailers in freshworks or when such mailers come to me, the images are not getting displayed. Even when i press “load image” it does not get displayed. 


For example in this mailer, I am unable to view any of the images. Not able to find what the issue is

3 replies

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Hello @krishsriram,


Are you not able to see the inline images in tickets within your helpdesk? It would be great if you can share relevant screenshots of what shows when you click the ticket images and let us know if it happens across all tickets and with all agents. Looking forward to hearing your insights.


Thank you,

Frewshworks Community Team


Hello Team

Both on the browser view and on my email, images are not getting displayed

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Thanks for the screenshots, @krishsriram.

Seems like the images appearing in the email are broken in the support mailbox itself. Please note that tickets in Freshdesk will be a replica of emails you receive in your support mailbox. In case the images are shown accurately in the mailbox but not in your helpdesk, kindly let us know to help you accordingly.



Freshworks Community Team