Importing contacts is not working

  • 29 August 2020
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We are a new customer and I am trying to import a test csv file with a single customer before I attempt to import our entire file.  I matched up the fields that applied and started the import.

It appeared to work but no contacts show up and I never got an email stating it failed or a success.  I made two attempts and it resulted the same way.  No records and no email.

I did delete all of the test contacts but when I logged in this morning it appears that two test contacts reappeared.

It's hard to test when there is no verification process after the import AND test data returns from the trash after a delete.

Please advise



2 replies

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Hi @buddy_21070


Good day! Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. 


With respect to your query regarding contact import, yes, we understand how crucial it is for you to know the details and the status of the import. Hence, you would ideally receive a status mail from your support email address like the one below: 


A csv named as failed_(name of the file you imported) would also be attached to the mail and you would be able to see the error details for the contacts that were failed to be imported. 


If you are still facing any issues with the email reaching you, please write to and our support buddies would be glad to look into the descrepency to help you. 




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Hi there, 


Before importing a CSV file with contacts, check if you have the following things: Name and Email address or Name and Phone number. You can’t import CSV files without this information.


Moreover, the email address and URL should be in the correct format. If you have two email addresses, you need to put “||” between them. For more information, check Freshdesk Support.


However, you have two other options: import CSV files via a third-party app or from an old help desk platform. You choose source and target platforms. Then you pick the data you want to import. You can select only contacts or all help desk and knowledge base records.


I hope it can help with future issues.


Best regards,