Inappropriate new tickets from email replies

  • 16 July 2013
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Two problems that may or may not be related.

  • My client using FD forwards tickets to a 3rd party partner. Their support system inserts "[partner-support]" in the subject, and our FD is treating this as a new ticket submission rather than a reply to the existing ticket. This is the subject the 3rd party received from FD:
    Subject: Ticket Received - [#91] Re: [partner-support] [#90] Bug in blah block, la de la not reported in status
  • A reply from a customer on an existing ticket generated a new ticket. This is the Subject the customer received: 
    Subject: Ticket Received - [#94] RE: [#87] FW: Question regarding blah blah spec

I do have what I think is the correct syntax in our notification templates, i.e., "[#{{}}]". Some tickets are working correctly.

Any suggestions? Is it entirely this syntax FD uses to decide on adding a note from the reply vs. generating a new new ticket?


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7 replies

I have the same thing. Some of our clients have email settings where it adds an "(External)" prefix to email responses that it detects are going outside their company. This creates a duplicate FreshDesk ticket.

Another variation on this:

interacting with a non-English customer, their email adds "SV:" to the email title (Icelandic for "Re:").

FreshDesk interprets this as a new ticket, and an agent needs to manually Merge them. 

sloppy :(

Update in case it helps someone else in the future: 

The frustration on this reached critical mass for me so I opened a ticket.

The key is that in your email template, you have designate the ticket number in a specific way so it all gets consolidated:


Now works like a charm!

In which email are you placing this? Sorry I am still learning this but so tired of getting multiple tickets because the requester replies to the email sent.

Go to Admin \ Email Notifications \ Requester Notifications

Select each outgoing email (particularly the New Ticket Created, Agent Adds Comment to Ticket items), edit the title and ensure it follows the noted syntax.

For example, my New Ticket Created notification is "Ticket Received - {{ticket.subject}} - [#{{}}]"

For some reason, this syntax wasn't the default, at least on my FreshDesk instance.

The point still is that the Ticket Identifier should be part of the email x-header, at least in addition to that.

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Hello everyone,

We have now implemented ticket threading between two Freshdesk portals so emails sent back and forth between 2 business will be threaded appropriately.

More details in this release note -