Inbound emails not updating tickets

Our company uses freshdesk. When responding to the clients ticket, the email is triggered to the client (as expected). However, should the client hit reply, their response goes to the email, but the response is not appended to the ticket in freshdesk.

Is this possible or have we a setup issue? This is a problem for us as any responses from the client are not tracked against the ticket.


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Hi David

Can you verify the Email Address in both these Tickets ? 

There is a chance that USER is replying from their Secondary Email Address, which is why , duplicates are created, during User reply

We are working on Multiple Email Addresses for USERs, but for now, can you CC the other Email as well,in the same ticket, to no duplicates are created ?



Thanks for the quick reply Vijay.
If the client emails to our support@ email the ticket is created (as expected) but should the same person reply to a ticket response (back into the support@ email) it is not tracked. Is this what you are asking?
Note, duplicate tickets are not created in our instance. Merely that freshdesk doesn't do anything with the replies.
Got sorted thanks. Our support@ email was missing the forwarding rule.