Insert Image button doesn't work in Internet Explorer (IE)

  • 30 May 2014
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Insert Image button doesn't work in Internet Explorer (IE)... upload appears to happen, but page reports "Error occurred while uploading".

• Chrome works OK.

• I tested with IE 8 and 10 and both failed. Unfortunately, most of my customers have strict IT departments that mandate IE, so suggesting an alternative browser isn't a viable solution.

Side-note that might or might not be related to this issue:

  • with Chrome, when it goes to the "Insert Image" dialog, you click once on the "Select a file to upload" link, and it goes to the file browser. 

  • With IE, you have to click on the link twice to get to the file browser dialog... and then it ultimately fails.

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1 reply

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Hello James,

First,my apologies for not having responded earlier on this thread. You might have noticed it earlier but I just thought I'd write this anyway here.

The attachment issue with IE has been rectified long back and works perfectly as expected.