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I want to know that does i integrate my website to freshdesk as we can integrate Twitter and Whatsapp.? If i can then how to do this.?


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I am by no means a web developer but based on the classes used in your website’s source code, I would guess your share buttons (listing whatsapp etc) is created in a WordPress plugin called “AddToAny” seen here:

If Freshdesk isn’t already a listed service then I suggest you look at the FAQ’s on the plugin. I saw there is a question like “How can I add a custom share button?”. Presumably with the code snippet they provide, you can define the name, icon info and link yourself.

In Freshdesk, there’s also functionality like the widget. You just configure on Freshdesk side and they a piece of JavaScript that you can embed in your webpage to get all your solutions and ticket forms directly in the site without forcing users to go to the portal.

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Hello Everyone!


For your requirements @SEBT, you could embed Freshdesk to your website, using iFrame. For example, to embed Freshdesk solution articles in your website, you can add a button/link to the knowledge base of your customer portal on your website using iFrame. Hence, when users choose the button/link, they would be shown the knowledge base accordingly. 

​You can also make use of the Freshdesk functionality, Help widget like @AntPain suggested. Please refer to the link below to get detailed insights on the same:


Any further queries, feel free to drop an email to and we would be happy to help!



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