Is it possible to manually set a Publish Date for a KB article?

  • 2 October 2022
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Suppose I want to create a KB article ahead of time, for a feature or tool that will be released in the coming weeks. Or I want to edit an existing article with the updates to an existing feature (phased release, for example).

I know that it’s possible to save it as a draft and then manually publish it on the appropriate date, but is it possible to manually set the publish date on an article, so that the update is automatically published?


Conversely, is it possible to pre-date the article create date or update date?


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Hi @flyonthewall,


As of now, we don’t have scheduled publishing of article in UI or an app that does this. However, one workaround here would be using API’s to publish articles whenever you would like to. You can run a script from your end passing the article ID’s and the status of the article as 2 which would change the status of the article from “Draft” to “Published”. Here’s the API documentation for your reference:


Hope this helps. And I’ll take this feedback to our product team to see if we can take this up as a feature request to make it more convenient for our users :)


Thank you!



Thank you for the information, I’ll look into using API for this. I also appreciate that you’re sending the feedback to the product team. :)

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Hi @flyonthewall,

I have a crazy workaround to schedule and publish a knowledge base article at a specific time. Here’s how you can achieve this using a combination of Gmail, API, and Freshdesk automation:


  1. You can draft an email with the knowledge base article content and specify the support email address as the recipient. If you’re using Gmail or Outlook, you can use the ‘Schedule’ option to send the email at a later date.
    Schedule email

  2. In Freshdesk, you can set up an automation rule (Ticket creation) to check for tickets that match specific criteria. It can be a particular keyword in the subject or description and/or the user who creates the ticket. You can use the “Trigger webhook” action and use the API to create the solution article in the published state. 
    Sample webhook request


Let me know what you think!