Is there a way to create a dependent ticket field which shows a text input field if only a specific option is selected?

  • 30 June 2022
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Hi All,

I’m fairly new to Freshdesk but have been building a instance for my current company. As part of my Help Portal, I’m attempting to build an all-encompassing form that has some field multi-selects with inputs. I’ve read several Freshdesk help articles and tested quite a bit however I’m not find a definitely answer to if the following is possible:

I want to create a drop down field where if a customer selects Company A → They can input their specific domain (text input) versus if they select Company B→ No text input field shows. Is this possible with Ticket Fields? If so does anyone have relative documentation/instructions on how to achieve this?

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There is separate Ticket Form Channel just launched that I don’t have yet, which may outdate this answer but from what it sounds like, you can use Sections within a Ticket Field.