Is "type" the only option for the ticket_fields API?

  • 9 February 2017
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When looking at the documentation for /api/v2/ticket_fields the only example that is shown and referenced is "type".  Are there other options besides "type" that should work with the ticket_fields API v2?  

I tried to retrieve one specific field using its "id" number I do not get an error but it returns all ticket_fields as if there were no additional options specified.  

When trying to do another field such as "name" I get an error returned stating "Unexpected/invalid field in request".

I know I can request all the fields and pick out the data from what I want, it just seems like it would be nicer to be a little more efficient to pick out a particular field.

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1 reply

Agree that it would be more efficient to get the specific field from the ID. However, "type" is the only filter that is currently supported. 

Will take this as a feature request for now.