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  • 18 August 2022
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Hello to the community, 

Our company have concerns that seems to be occuring in multiple account. After a look to the support, I was not able to find a precise answer to this problem. By advance, thank you for the help you could provide.


First problem :

Sometimes, when our customers respond to a mail sent from one of our freshdesk mailbox (contact@ or order@ for instance), using the “forwarding” or “answering” option, some of them never reach freshdesk. It means that we have an initial ticket with the original mail but nothing more (no new ticket or new message on the original ticket ID). 

It does not seem to follow any pattern, because we still receive some response. Is it possibly associated to the Gmail account parameters that prevent some to land in freshdesk feed in some cases ? 

That is a bit frustrating to answer to upset clients without being able to catch their answer in a first place. 

Second problem : 

Also, we have another concern where forwarded email do not make it either (example : an agent is forwarding an order query from a client to the correct freshdesk mailbox, using his/her pro mailbox from Gmail). The forwarded message is never received in Freshdesk. 


I hope you will have answers,

Thank you!


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Hi Ludwig,


Greetings from the Freshworks community!


I understand you are facing issues with incoming emails.

  1. That is strange. Once an email is converted as a ticket, the following responses from the agent/requester must also be appended to the same ticket thread if both the email markers and requester checks are satisfied. Please do have a look at our solution article, which explains the threading behavior in Freshdesk. -

  2. Even if the emails are manually forwarded to your Freshdesk account’s support email, this should be converted as a ticket.

We could see that a ticket had already been created for this query (#12613609). Could you please share the EML file of a sample email that reached your support address’s mailbox but was not converted as a ticket in Freshdesk? This will help us fetch the ticket creation logs from our end.








Thank you for your answer and your help, 


I finally received IDs to connect to the different Gmail addresses we use in our Freshdesk account. It finally appears that customer responses to mails (confirmed order for instance) were directly landing in the SPAM area. This filter must prevent the mail to arrive to Freshdesk, even in the Freshdesk SPAM area. 


I guess it is a “beginner” mistake not to take a look there first. 


Once again, thank you for your help Aishvarya. 

Warm regards,


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You are most welcome, Ludwig. Glad that you were able to identify the issue and resolve it :)