Jira Status Updates automatically Reopen tickets in Freshdesk

  • 20 October 2015
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Hi Guys,

not a problem, but actually a useful tip I wanted to share when you do your JIRA integration.

we had an issue where Jira updates would automatically reopen tickets in FD. due to settings which automatically reopened tickets if clients responded to tickets in different statuses.

As our Workflows in Jira and FD are not synchronised.

eg our FD only has 3 statusses for Development work 'in Development' 'Pending Release' and 'Closed'.

within Jira we have many statusses 'To Do' - 'in Progress' - 'Review' - 'Testing' - 'Done'.

tickets would reopen at inappropriate times.

after having a chat with the FD support (Rubesh) he found a very useful tip to add extra functionality with Jira integration though the observer rules.

As Jira integration does not add a note or email entry in, you need to configure this as a Last Interaction.

if you do something like attached screenshots you can actually have separate workflows in Jira and FD and automate this process.

I hope this helps other people as well.


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4 replies

What observer rules did you add ?

We keep having ticket reopen when Jira add a note to freshdesk.

Any of these events:

Reply is sent.

Note is added -> Type: Any.

Events performed by -> Any One

On tickets with these Properties:

Last interaction -> Contains -> Jira issue status changed to xxx

Perform these actions:

Set status as -> Something

Unless something has changed I beleive for this to work your developers must have both a jira login and a FD login.  Which is problematic for me.  :/