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  • 24 February 2020
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Is there a way to limit what articles are found by external search engines, such as Google, so that those that are not clients cannot access the articles.

We have discovered, due to some of the article topics, that a lot of the people using our knowledge base are not clients but have found articles on our knowledge base about other applications ( Google ) and questioning us on things for Google and not going to google. Some have gone through our chat and have gotten quick nasty sometimes.

4 replies

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In the knowledge base on folder level you can indicate who can see these articles. By changing from all users to agents you have already cut most off from viewing the articles in that folder. It does mean creating folders for internal use only. There are also other options available. 

Hey Jeff,

You can limit what documentation is viewable to different users of your portal using this menu:


For us, our whole portal is only accesible to logged in users and we determine which users can view which article depending on their company. Not sure where/how freshdesk block google from crawling the solutions but you can't view ours on there so it may be worth giving this menu and shot. If nothing else, when people click the link they'll be block straight away with a login screen.

Good luck!

Try changing from all users to agents.



As Anthony, Mark and Justin have mentioned, if you are looking to restrict the visibility of solution articles, you can set the folder visibility to certain customers or companies alone based on your requirement. We have now introduced setting the visibility based on Contact and Company segements, which makes it easier to set up the restriction.

If you are just looking to prevent Google and other search engines from crawling your solutions tab, you can add the "No Index, No Follow" Meta Tag under your Portal customization, if you are on the Estate plan and above. Please click here to learn more about this.

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