LDAP integration

  • 11 June 2013
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I read the following article re: Active Directory integration. My concern with this setup is how the web portal will behave if the user is not inside the local network when submitting a ticket (and cannot reach the IIS/vbscript). Also, what happens when the user does not have domain credentials? When I enable SSO, does FD allow non-domain users to login via other means and/or to manually type their credentials from AD?  




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1 reply

We use SSO and when users are not on the network, they have to go to https://sitename.freshdesk.com/login/normal and use their account credentials to log in (whether AD or manually created). If they go to just https://sitename.freshdesk.com and use the login button they get an error. We have it set up so they can enter tickets without logging in though.