Link to a specific note or reply in a Ticket (e.g: permalink)

  • 12 October 2022
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I often need to refer a collegue to a specific note or reply in a ticket that has many notes and reply.

In similar situations in other platforms, I can often find a permalink of sort, i.e: the url of a specific comment or piece of conversation. This URL is usually accessible by right-clicking on the timestamp of the comment.

Is there anything similar in Frehdesk?
If not? Do you plan to introduce it?

It’s not very efficient having to say to a team-member, for example, “please check my 5th note in this ticket”, or “the second to last response from the customer” etc...

1 reply

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Definitely nice to have! I found a way which unfortunately seems to work sometimes.

  1. Right click on the note and click on “Inspect”
  2. Scroll a bit up and you will find the note number


  3. You can add this to the URL after the ticket number with “?note=[NOTE_ID]”
    For example: 

Only issue; sometimes it get's me to the right note, sometimes it get's me to the wrong one.