Linking Tickets (no Tracker, no Parent/Child, no Merging)

  • 16 March 2019
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We need the ability to link two tickets so that our agents can quickly see, in the same screen, the details of both AND so that reporting can see that there's multiple tickets. (we'd prefer to merge but then reporting thinks we only have one ticket) 

  • Linked Tickets doesn't make any sense for us in this situation because we don't need a tracker - we just need to associate multiple tickets
  • Parent Child doesn't work either because the child ticket is not necessarily a breakdown of different tasks for the ticket.
  • Merged tickets (as mentioned above) masks the total ticket count since multiple tickets become one in reporting.
Currently we are connecting the two tickets through ticket URLs but it's cumbersome.

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1 reply

We would like to link tickets as well without creating a new tracker ticket.