List of placeholders for email templates

  • 12 October 2012
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Where can I get a list of all the possible placeholders for email templates?

26 replies

Hello??  Is anyone from support monitoring this forum?  Surely you can provide this information.  I can't be the only one that wants this...
Hi Eric

All placeholders can be seen from the Email Notification itself. Once you edit the template, we will show the Placeholder options, you may view them all in the template

That is not true.  When I edit the template and select "Insert placeholder", it does not show all the possible placeholders.  Here are just a few that are missing:
{{comment.body}}, {{}}, {{}}

So, again, how do I get a list of all the possible placeholders?
+1 I didn't realize that 'Insert Placeholders' didn't include all possible placeholders. So yes please provide a complete list.
Hi Guys

I verified with the team and the Placeholders listed in this articles are the only ones, that are usable in the system, rest of them like Time or Commenter.Name are used internally and taken from the backend and won't be available for any custom option or so.

Although we're working on Custom placeholders, like in Company/Contacts, that will be available for similar usage in different sections etc.

Hi Vijay,
The list at  is not complete as it does not include: {{ticket.portal_url}} and possibly others.



I would also like a complete list. I saw in a previous post  that the placeholder {{ticket.requester.firstname}} was also added. I do not see it any documentation. Please provide a full list. 


Can you implement the placeholder pop-out across all email templates? Currently, it is not visible in the "Password Reset Email" or the "User Activation Email." 

Also, there needs to be a {{agent_phone}} to maybe??

To be specific, I'm referring to the following located in top right of Agent Reply Template editing window: 

<a href="#" class="link_placeholder slim-button">Insert Placeholders »</a>


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Hello everyone,

Please go through this solution article for more information on the ticket description, comment and last public comment placeholders, which can be quite confusing on where and how to use them.

Understanding ticket.description and comment.body placeholders 

I hope you find this useful.

Please keep posting on our Forums. 



Besides {{}} are there other placeholders available for the rest of the properties associated with an agent, like:

  • Email

  • Title

  • Phone No.

  • Time Zone

  • Language

  • Signature

At the moment I am interested in the signature (and possibly Title and Time Zone), so that I can include it in the 'Requester Notification / Agent Adds Comment to Ticket' Email Notification.

Actually over half of all placeholders are missing from Freshdesk documentation, not just email templates. I manually compared the documented list with ones I saw in sample code and source files. I opened a case asking where these others are documented. They aren't. I figured some out w/ trial and error.

Hi Deb,
can you share your list?


Why isn't {{ticket.agent.firstname}} listed? I only saw {{}} in docs and in the reply window.

Had to just give it a try to find out that it works.

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Hello Folks,

Sorry for being silent on this thread for a very long time. Wanted to compile the list of placeholders and we thought we'd update the existing article with the missing items. We'll keep adding content to this article as and when we introduce new placeholders.

Thanks everyone for your active participation on this topic.


Thanks for taking prompt action on this. I believe that Freshdesk could really boost their position as a leader in the help desk market simply by being more responsive on the Deb forums. Stale threads are a real concern. That said, your private support is super responsive and knowledgeable. But many could. E served with a single response on these public forums.

Many thanks
Craig, Manager of PubNub Support
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Thanks a lot for the kind words,Craig. Stale forums are a concern and trust me, we're working on being more responsive on the community forums.You'd be noticing a change in the coming months and as of now, the topics under Report problems have been fairly covered :)


Agreed - I have seen quicker responses. We had similar issue in our forums few years ago. Going to reboot them under Freshdesk system in a few months with a mandate that all participate to keep the forums active.

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Good to know,Craig. Drop us a note on in case if you'd like to port some topics from your existing system . Happy to help :)


The placeholders for event_performer dosen't work - at least not if used in the Agent Reply Template.

Using e.g. {{}} will remain empty when reply.

So how can we insert the agent who replies actually to an outgoing E-Mail?

We don't like to use different signatures for all agents!

And we cannot use {{}} since other agents than the actual dedicated one may send information too.

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@Andreas: The event specific placeholders are designated to be used with Observer rules as the event change is captured by the observer .

Unfortunately,as of now, there are no direct placeholders that would add the name of the agent who's replying to the ticket . Will take it to the product and explore this option further.


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I need a placeholder on the following:

Date/Time Created

Date/Time Resolved

Date/Time Closed

As we share tickets amongst several agents and it does not make sense everytime to reassign the ticket to another agent, we need additional placeholders for "agent who is adding a comment" or "agent who is adding an answer" .
Thanks a lot!

@Hein- {{ticket.modified_on}} will render the timestamp of the last update on the ticket (assuming the ticket getting closed or resolved is the last action on it)

@Helga - Hope the below list helps. PS - The event specific placeholders are designated to be used with ticket update rules as the event change is captured by the same.







Where can I get a list of all the possible placeholders for email templates?

I'm also looking.