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I am currently having an issue with my FreshDesk Login. When logging into the agent side of things I am logged out and taken to our client support portal for re-logging in. This continues to happen with only my login, no other agents are having this issue. I can see help desk tickets for about 30 seconds before logged out and taken to the client portal for our company.

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I have received a work around from Freshworks that seems to do the job while the issue is being corrected by the engineering team.

Please follow the below instructions.

If you are using Google Chrome browser:

Chrome Browser (Version 75.0) :

Open Chrome, open new tab and type "chrome://settings/content/cookies?search=cookie" and hit enter

You will see the below page

Make sure the setting reflects the same as shown above

Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended) → Should be "Enabled"Block third-party cookies → Should be "Disabled"After this quit / close Chrome browser and restart

If the issue persists even after changing these settings, please contact us.

If you are using the Firefox browser:

Firefox Browser (Version 68.0) :

Open FireFox, open new tab and type "about:preferences" and hit enter

In search box search for "cookies"You will see this page : 

If "Standard" options is chosen by default there shouldn't be any issues, please contact our devs for further debugging.If "Custom" option is chosen by default make sure "Third-party trackers" is selected

After this change click "Reload All Tabs" to take effect.

I have this issue with Safari now. I checked with Chrome and it worked with the third-party cookie enabled, but my main browser is Safari.

*disabled, not enabled. as described.

I have this problem with Safari too, which is my primary browser.  Any idea when this might be fixed?

Here is what I was told for Safari,

These are the steps to enable cookies in Safari (version 11 and 12). Please follow the below instructions:

Safari (version 11):

In MacOS click "Safari → Preferences"  Shortcut : CMD + ,You will see the preference window, click on "Privacy" tag as highlighted  Uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking" checkbox

Safari (version 12):

In MacOS click "Safari → Preferences"  Shortcut : CMD + ,You will see the preference window, click on "Privacy" tag as highlighted


Uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking" checkbox

That’s such a privacy breach. I don’t want to get banners about my shopping searches just because I need to use fresh desk nor having to toggle that every time I have to log in.

I agree, my official ticket for this issue is still open with no response. I hope it is fixed officially soon. These work around options are not great options... I highly encourage that anyone with this issue create a ticket. I have been informed:

 "A few of our customers reported this issue already to us. We have forwarded this to the engineering team and they are currently working on it with a priority.

We will keep you posted once we have an update from them. Please bear with us till then."

So we will see when a fix happens. My ticket is now 16 days old.

I still have this issue as well! This is extremely annoying making FD borderline unusable.

Yeah, my ticket for this issue has been going 27 days with no update on a developer fix. I asked today for an update, so we will see. The work around is overall inconvenient.

Same problem here. I have to remove the freshdesk cookies to be able to logon into the agent view.

Very annoying for such a basic feature.