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  • 26 April 2022
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Hey there,


I’ve been experiencing problems while logging in to FreshDesk via Firefox ( 99.0.1 ). When my agent tries to login it just reloads the login page. No problems occur when logging in with Edge.


Here’s what I tried to solve the problem:

Deleting Cookies and History (did not help)

complete new installation of Firefox (worked for 24 h)

Changing the role of the agent (worked for 24 h)


Here’s the real mystery: We have a Log-in-again-after-24-hours-policy in FreshDesk. 24 hours after Using the “Change role” way we experienced the same problems again.

But changing the role did not help us this time.

Resetting the password did not help, either.

Of course deleting cookies and history neither.

But this time it was not just a reload of the login page but we got this:


First this screen

And when we tried to login with the correct password


Is there anyone out there experiencing the same problems or can give me any idea what to try next? 

Thank you in advance!



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Hi @Ulf ,

I see you are facing login issues with the Firefox browser. As far as we’ve seen, this could be a platform specific login error. Can you please DM us the .har file of the login so that we can check this further from our end?

You can refer to the video attached below on how you can extract the .har file from your browser and you can use any of the browser plugins to record your screen. 

Added to this, please try to clear your cache and cookies and reset your agent’s password again. If it still doesn’t help, let us know, we will look into this for you.