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  • 20 December 2018
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Hi I am struggling with the Microsoft Teams app/bot.

It's all installed and connected both ends. It shows as authorized in Freshdesk and connected in Teams, but it has only every sent one notification through.



14 replies

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Hello John,

Have you been able to get the integration working? We haven't received any complaints from our users in recent times. I also noticed that you were on the Free plan that has certain limitations when it comes to notifications/emails. 


Hi Aravind, 

no, it's still not working. I was on the Estate plan for the 14 day trial and it wasn't working under that either. The app does say it works with all version of Freshdesk. What is strange is that I received one notification via Teams and then it stopped. It could be that my Teams has been restricted in some way by our IT department. I have opened a ticket with them and hope they will engage as well. 


I have the same issue.. doesn't appear to be working..  Im using the trial at the moment.  I've assigned myself tickets and updated them, but get nothing

We are also struggling with Freshdesk and Teams integration. It seems very selective on which tickets to forward to Teams. We're trying to move from Slack to Teams, but it has been very unreliable. 

Has this been a known issue, or is it being worked on?

It seems like we're getting any replies or assigning ticket messages in Teams Chat, but almost all new tickets are not sending to Teams. We're getting maybe 1 out of 5 new tickets sending to Teams. The Freshdesk bot is useless unless we can confirm all tickets are being forwarded.


We have tried using the integration between Freshdesk and Microsoft teams - and it doesn't seem to work.

Has anyone been able to reliably use this?


This wasn't working for us either, got it to work though by checking Azure.

Azure AD -> App Registrations -> FreshDesk -> Authentication -> Default client type -> Set to "Yes"

Now working 

Might also want to check if you have app policies for Teams. 

We received a single (1) Teams notification and then it stopped working.

We tried to reauthorize 
We tried to uninstall / reinstall on both sides

We tried to add permission inside of Azure

But nothing has seemed to work.

** As an alternative we have set up an outlook rule that will forward the notifications directly to the Teams channel and that has worked as a band-aid but it isn't the same as we can't really work the tickets inside if Teams **


Did you try changing the apps authentication in Azure?

You said permissions, so not sure if that's what you meant or not.

@miked not sure what the settings need to be for this connection


@Seanbr>Don't touch those settings, just check what I mentioned previously.

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Hello Everyone!

Apologies for the delay in getting back. Does the issue with Microsoft Teams app still persist? If yes, please drop in an email to and our support heroes would have this investigated for you.


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ask out IT for help..




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Thanks for the update, @geebranz


In case you require assistance from us, feel free to drop an email to and we would be glad to assist! 



Freshdesk Community Team