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  • 11 October 2018
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This week the message to migrate to Freshchat popped up.
So I've started with Freshchat.

We do use Live Chat from within Freshdesk a lot. And we love it.

We only have 2 agents and when one of them has some spare time, he clicks on the button 'accepting chats' and poof.... on our 2 websites the chat option appears.

Now there is Freschat. And this is very confusing for us.

We can not tell the system to accept chats or not. The chat icon is allwas visible and functioning. Yes, I can set opening hours. But we have a contact page for 'slow-chat'.
When there is a chat option, the customer clicks on it to live chat with an agent.

There is no option for an agent to set himself available to chat or not. And when there is no agent available at all the chat option should not be visible on the website at all.

Next is the translation to Dutch.... wel... there is none.
My language is set to Dutch and the widget on the website is completely in English...

We have 2 websites. 
On one website we have an orange theme and the other a blue theme.

In Live chat I could alter the widget code so I could set the colours of the widget according to the site.

Also I could change the welcome text too.

Now on both sites, the appearance, the texts and everything else is the same.

So for now... we won't use Freshchat at all. It is nog even close to the simple (but very effective) functionality of Live Chat.

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5 replies


We have about 5 weeks now to switch... but seriously.... Live Chat was way easier to use when you just want to chat (and disable it when you don't want to).

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Hello Dennis,

Sorry for leaving this topic unattended. Found this from your recent topic that was created last night. We'll work towards being more responsive on the community!

Freshchat is a more intuitive, powerful alternative to LiveChat and offers a range of features when compared to LiveChat. Freshchat will also be the messaging platform across the products in Freshworks' suite. 

You've mentioned few questions/concerns with Freshchat. Let me try my best to address each of them.

1. Hide widget when agents aren't available:

 It is understandable that you're looking for a way to hide the widget if there are no agents available. The option isn't available in Freshchat because it also supports async chats - the users can still leave their messages when the agents are offline and get reminded via push notifications or emails where there's a response. 

Having said that, the ability to disable the widget has been one of the significant asks from existing LiveChat users and we're already working on a code customisation to support this. I'll keep you posted on the developments on this regard.

2. Color customisation of the widget:

You would be able to change the Freshchat widget color from under Settings-->Web Messenger-->Appearance. If you wish to modify the color in a specific site, you can use this code and make the change as required.

headerProperty: {

backgroundColor: '#FFFF00',

foregroundColor: '#333333',

backgroundImage: 'https://wchat.freshchat.com/assets/images/texture_background_1-bdc7191884a15871ed640bcb0635e7e7.png'


3. Language option:

Please have a look at this article to get more information on the multi-language support offered by Freshchat. 

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any further help.


Thank you for your answer.
I understand now how to change some things.

The presence of the widget all the time on my site, even when there are no agents available is a big no no for us.

So we won't implement or use the chat anymore now. 

We don't want our website visitors presented with a chat widget when this is not working like a chat.

We have a contact page for that. 

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Got it, @Dennis. We've been hearing this from a few others as well. As I mentioned earlier, we're working on a code customisation to hide the widget if the agents aren't available.

I hope you'll be interested to use Freshchat as soon as the option is available :)



Another Dutch client here and we have exactly the same problem. We've been using Freshchat for a few weeks now and we have missed a lot of chats. This is causing a lot of frustration among our clients. There have been quite a few cases already where we didn't see the chat for days. In the mean time they already created a ticket of course. And the ticket was resolved already before another agent saw the chat. This is creating extra work for us (multiple agents attending to the same issue of the same client).

We're hoping to see some improvement really soon. Otherwise we'll have to stop offering chat or find another chat tool.

Our clients use chats to get direct answers and they create tickets when they need a less urgent response.

We also don't have chat enabled all the time. Because of this we are missing a lot of messages when no one is available. We were promised that IntelliAssign would solve some problems, but it hasn't. When an agent is offline, the chat is located under 'New', while the Freshdesk integration only shows notifications for the tab you are in (usually 'Assigned to me'). When an agent becomes active, the chats under 'New' don't automatically get assigned by IntelliAssign.

Moving from Live Chat to Freshchat is not a migration, because this new tool is not a substitute. This was very deceiving. We pay a lot to use Freshdesk and the live chat was an essential tool. The live chat feature has been taken away from us and we're not able to let Freshchat function similarly.

Something that could still be a workaround is to hide the chat completely when there is no active agent. This is very urgent for us, so I hope to have some news about this ASAP.