Mint UI - Dashboard not showing Unassigned

As per topic title - the Mint UI is not showing the "Unassigned" ticket number on the dashboard for regular agents.

This is used as our 'awaiting pickup' ticket queue, so is important to us -- our helpdesk staff have now moved back onto the old UI as it's easier for them.

Is there an easy way to get it back ?

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Hello David,

We're coming up with a better way to list intuitive widgets on the Dashboard screen. Would love to share more details around this as and when we reach some milestones. 

Meanwhile, you can create a custom view for the agents and they can make it a default practice to pick tickets from this queue. Do you think that would help?


Hi Aravind - that would help, yes -- are you able to show the details on how to achieve this ?

Many thanks,


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Sure,David. Please navigate to the Tickets page and then use the filter section to list all the unassigned tickets across the helpdesk or a specific group. You could then save this as a view and select the visibility to "All agents"

Once this has been setup, the agents can login, navigate to the tickets page and then click on this view to start picking up the unassigned tickets. Even if they logout and come back again, they would see the same view by default - they don't have to specifically choose the view everytime as Freshdesk automatically stores the last view.


I thought you meant a 'custom view' for the dashboard - so, thanks for the above, but it doesn't really help (we already have an Unassigned ticket view).

The 'non-admin' agent dashboard really needs a massive overhaul in the Mint UI - it's almost bare, making it pretty useless.



I thought you meant a 'custom' dashboard view - so, thank you for the above, but it doesn't really help (we already have an Unassigned ticket view).

The 'non admin' agent dashboard in the mint UI sure could do with a massive overhaul - it's practically bare, making it useless.

Also having this problem, my tickets are gone and my team and I are having some hard time getting use to this new concept, we are shifting back for the old version (despite the new template looks way more cleaner and practical) to use the dashboard because it's our main source to have a real notion of what's going on.

The workaround that @Aravind S said helps, but is not enought, we need that information IN the dashboard, not outside, the dashboard is our starting point, if our starting point said that we have no tickets our agents are inclined to don't take any action.

An example of my problem, same user with different templates:


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@David& @Paulo,

We're looking to solve this by introducing custom dashboard views wherein you can build widgets on your own or use the real estate to show few of the default widgets. I'll add both of your accounts to the BETA list (should be available within 2 weeks from now) in case if you're interested.


I'll definitely would enjoy testing it out, looking forward to your updates on this feature.

Our team is also looking for the ability to customize the dashboard on Mint. Could you please add our account to the beta?

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Sure, Paulo & Ian. Will add your accounts to the BETA.


@Aravind S, It's been 3+ months and i've checked again the Mint UI but nothing has changed, is this feature going to be abandoned? will I ever be able to use Mint UI with a Dashboard that reflects the absolute same information as the old interface?

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@Paulo: The Team Dashboards feature is being rolled out in batches for accounts in Estate plan and above. You can refer to this article for the complete script of the feature.


WE ALSO NEED THIS BACK! We have the Blossom plan. Any plans for bringing this back on to this plan?

Are there any updates on when this will be fixed in the Mint version?  My agents need to be able to see the unassigned tickets on the dashboard.

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@Sandra@Chandra At the moment, you can use the Team Dashboards feature to customise the widgets that appear on the dashboard screen for your agents. The default widgets on the Mint interface will continue to show agent specific data.


@Aravind S and freshdesk team, We already have this feature for free on the old dashboard, now your solution with Team Dashboards are forcing us to a paid plan? sorry we've only have 2 active agents on our team and a very low rate of tickets, so that's not economically feasible for us to at the moment. Why can't the Freshdesk team give us Two Choices at least:

1 - Mint + Option to choose: Agent tickets (current Mint state) or Team tickets (old dashboard)

2 - Replicate the old dashboard on Mint

By no means we're asking to give us the Team Dashboards for free, we're only asking for what we already had, all that nice features of Team Dashboards we would gladly pay when our operation demands it.

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@Paulo, There have been instances where few of our customers have requested for the 'Agent snapshot' view to be made available on Mint. I'll pass on the message to the team and see how best we can handle this.

On the other hand, did you try the option to create a custom ticket list view that shows all the unassigned tickets for the agents? Though it's not available right on the Dashboard screen, it still serves the purpose.


@Aravind S, yes I did try that and it partially solved the issue but turns out that we moved back to the old interface as the dashboard is our main entry point and it shows the tickets in numbers (a very objective view) instead of cards.

Dashboards are meant to give an overall perspective that lacks in this palliative solution.

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@Paulo, Agreed! It definitely makes sense to start with the Dashboard and then move on to the list view. As I mentioned earlier, a few of our customers have also requested for the 'Agent Snapshot' to be made available in the Mint version. I'm trying to push this case with the team and see if we can include this for future releases. Please stay tuned for more updates!


@Aravind S

Thank you for your time and effort, we would appreciate having this "feature" available on mint before the old platform is discontinued as planned for 2019 if I'm not mistaken.