Mint UI Tags location is inconvenient

  • 24 September 2018
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The tags in the old UI used to be at the bottom of the ticket properties. Now it is at the top of the conversion thread and once there are a few replies, tags are by default, not visible. So adding to them requires a scroll to the top of the message thread. This is super inconvenient once the thread gets long.

Please relocate the Tags to somewhere more easily reachable. Perhaps just put them back in the properties pane where they used to be and IMO, where they belong.

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5 replies

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Hello Craig, 

This has been one of the top suggestions from our users when we launched Mint. We're working on a new layout for the ticket details page based on the feedback we've received so far and in this version, the tags are moved back to the Ticket properties pane. I believe you've already seen the visual mocks of the new layout for the ticket page.

It's currently in development and you can expect this change to be rolled out in a few weeks from now. 


I would also like to add that we heavily rely on and use the tags. Having the tags at the top is incredibly inconvenient. Please move back to the Ticket Properties pane ASAP 

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@Sam We hear you. You'll see the tags in the ticket properties section very soon along with some changes to the ticket details page. I'll let you know once we ship these changes.


Great to here! I have seen many of my reported issues getting fixed these past couple weeks. Thanks for the efforts to address them.

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The Tags are in the ticket details page, since today!

I am very happy about it aswell