Mint update very buggy

  • 6 February 2019
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Ever since the Mint update, we've been swamped with bugs:

  • An ex-customer being added to CC on tickets for other customers - may relate to starting a reply on mobile and sending from web
  • People on CC being lost - may relate to starting a reply on mobile and sending from web (I saw another thread on here about a similar issue)
  • Android app: Changing the due date on using "Pick date and time" sets a totally incorrect date
  • Android app: Changing the due date using "Today"/"Tomorrow"/etc. is based on GMT (we're in NZ):
    Due Today: In the morning sets tickets at midday today, and in the afternoon, sets tickets at midday tomorrow
    Due Tomorrow: In the morning sets tickets at midday tomorrow, and in the afternoon, sets tickets at midday day after tomorrow
  • Android app: Views aren't sorted correctly - we often sort by due date ascending. This was fixed briefly (I think version 4.0.5) but is broken again
  • Android app: Incorrect sender is displayed on a reply (displayed correctly on web). Freshdesk support have acknowledged this as a bug.
  • Android app: Replies and notes with apostrophes (') are truncated - the apostrophe is replaced by an ampersand (&) and everything after that is gone. The full reply/note appears correctly on web. Seems to be an issue since update to 4.0.6
I have tickets open with Freshdesk about the above. So far they've solved one issue (not listed above) which turned out to be one of my colleagues had deleted a ticket.

Other oddities I haven't reported yet include:
  • Send a reply, and it will be sent, but will also appear as a draft next time the ticket is loaded
  • Send a reply, then quickly send another, and the second reply will contain the content of the first reply

I've set up a channel within Teams for colleagues to report issues internally. Within 90 minutes colleagues are reporting:
  • Replies being duplicated (not related to the above) - maybe once every few weeks
  • "Aw, snap" "Something went wrong while displaying this web page" errors in Chrome happening at least once a day affecting two colleagues - one who recently changed computer and reports it happened on old and new computer
  • Adding note "Oops! Something went wrong and the message was not sent. Please try again." - I saw lot's of people reporting this in another thread

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