Multiple portals with SSL certificates.

  • 10 January 2019
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We are trying to add a second portal to our freshdesk account. However, we are not sure how to configure the SSL certificate for it at this time. When I select the Security settings in Freshdesk, it only allows us to change it for the first portal, not the second one we created. Any thoughts? 

3 replies

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Hello Ryan,

If you're on the Estate plan, you'd be able to set up a SSL certificate, free for a year for a portal. For the second portal, you might have to request for a SSL certificate purchase that would cost you $180/portal/year. You can initiate the request from the Admin -> Security section. 


We are in 2019, SSL is omnipresent and there are free solutions to provide SSL certificate to customers such as Let's Encrypt. 

You should provide Free SSL by default for all custom portals in all plans. Forcing to upgrade the plan and pay a lot for a certificate only make us to migrate to a competitor.

Every solution is providing Free SSL certificate by now, your main competitor, Blogger and CPanel to name a few.

Hello Fernando,

We have some good news for you.

We have worked out a partnership with Let's Encrpyt and we now provide SSL certificates free of cost. Feel free to drop in an email to along with the custom URL to process the request.