Multiple requesters using the same email address

  • 24 June 2014
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There are a number of our customers who send in emails which is causing us major issues:

For example -

John at ABC Company sends in an email from

We then get an email from Adam at the same company, and from the same email address,

Unfortunately the contact is already set up now as 'John', and so when Adam sends in the ticket, he gets a response back from our support guys, addressing him as John.

There then becomes confusion as to who our support guys should be speaking to about each ticket, John or Adam...

Any sensible suggestions or is this a bug experienced by others too?

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3 replies

Not using Freshdesk yet, but am researching functionality. This is something that I've found in most ticketing systems -- the solution tends to be rename the contact as a generic one with the company name as the addressed "to" instead of trying to keep up with who is the actual contact.  In FD, it looks like you could tag that ticket with the customer's name to so that people can check the tags to see who the actual person is.  Just a thought.

I've had the same issue for awhile. The trick is come up with a decent generic name that fits the context of the fname/lname fields for auto-responses, depending on the tone you need to set. I have a few customers set up as Human (they appreciate the humor - Hello Human, Thank you for contacting us!)


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As a ticket is tied to an email address , we wouldn't be able to identify which user has actually submitted the ticket .I'll go with Philippe's idea to use a generic name for the contact to avoid any hassles.